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Recommended by Dr. Mark Hyman

"The Furies Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the olive oil I can't live without! The very first ingredient I tell all my patients to keep in their cabinets is organic extra virgin olive oil, and my favorite is The Furies"

The Benefits of Furies Products

We use only organic, fresh ingredients and are committed to sustainability every step of the way. Creating The Furies has been a beautiful way for me to slow down, refocus, and reconnect with what truly matters. Our products have been proven to lower the likelihood of developing diseases.

reduces risk of cancer

reduces risk of diabetes

reduces risk of dementia

reduces risk of heart diseases

Nature's finest - certified organic

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I love the round, buttery smoothness of furies extra-virgin olive oil. It has just the right hint of green, vibrant freshness without ever turning bitter—and a super-dose of polyphenols

Not all olive oils are created equal—Furies is my favorite brand of olive oil. This is a product I use and that I love.

Refreshing and delicious... very smooth... was surprised at the natural sweetness... makes the most awesome vinaigrette... go for it!