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My Story

Jennifer holding olives at harvest

The idea for The Furies came to me in my mother-in-law’s home in Patras, Greece. We were there for Thanksgiving, and I was trying to recreate a typical American feast for our extended Greek family. As I do every night, I was cooking with generous amounts of olive oil. When the bottle ran out, I headed down into her cellar where she kept barrels of fresh oil produced from family olive trees.  My imagination caught fire. What if I could share my family's oil and in the process encourage those back home to embrace the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle? I spent the rest of the trip brainstorming with my husband and his brothers.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit – my husband and I owned and operated a manufacturing business for over fifteen years. I loved the independence that comes with business ownership, but I yearned to create a company centered around wellness, healthy cooking, and Greek heritage. It was time for a new venture, one that would reflect the driving forces in my life. 

The Furies is grounded in the belief that health and wellness flow naturally from whole, pure foods and time spent with those we love. That belief is reflected in the integrity of our process: we use only organic, fresh ingredients and are committed to sustainability every step of the way. Creating The Furies has been a beautiful way for me to slow down, refocus, and reconnect with what truly matters. Every time you reach for one of our products, I hope it helps you to do the same. 


Jennifer at the production facility

Women Owned and Operated

Share my Passion for Healthy Food and try our Organic Unfiltered Olive Oil!

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