The Rare and Wonderful Koutsourelia Olive

What kind of olives are used to make The Furies EVOO?

The Furies EVOO is made from the Koutsourelia olive.  This rare and highly prized variety is used exclusively for oil production, as the fruit has a high concentration of oil.  Only 4% of Greece’s 140 million cultivated olive trees bear Koutsourelia olives.  The oil has superb taste and texture.  Koutsourelia olives, also called Patrinia, are small and round. The EVOO is highly aromatic, medium fruit flavor, with a lush, soft texture without intense bitterness. 

The Furies EVOO is exclusively produced in the Achaia region of Greece where this varietal is native.  Trees bear fruit every other year.  Farmers carefully prune trees to stagger the trees production. Our oil is milled during the early harvest that takes place in November.  The olives are less ripe, small, and green.  They produce less oil; however, yield the highest levels of phytonutrients and is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols.  Special care is taken during the harvest to minimize stress to the fruit.  Hand collection, cold water, and mechanical extraction protects the olives and produces the finest quality oil with exceptionally low acidity (0.2%) 

This varietal is rarely sold commercially because local farmers tend to reserve this oil for their families.  The Furies is very privileged to offer this EVOO. The mill adheres to the highest international standards for food safety and is ISO 22000 certified.   Family owned; it has been in operation for 4 generations recently investing is state of the art equipment.  It is the best of old-world knowledge and modern technology. 

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