USDA and EU Organic Equivalency Agreement

How is The Furies EVOO certified organic as a product of Greece?

As of 2012, the United States and the European Union have an Equivalency Agreement that recognizes the inspection and certification of the respective country.  Products that have been certified organic in the US or in member countries of the EU are deemed authentically represented.  This reciprocity agreement means that the USDA organic logo can be affixed to EU organically certified goods. 

Greece is part of the European Union. The Furies EVOO has been certified organic by DIO, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products.  Established in 1993, DIO is authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food of the Hellenic Republic as the official Inspection & Certification of Organic Products Body, according to EU legislation in Greece with the code GR-BIO-01.

Proper paperwork must be included when organic products are imported.  We, Achaia Imports, import The Furies EVOO directly from Greece eliminating middlemen.  The mill that produces our oil has been registered with the FDA as a foreign food facility and is ISO 22000 certified for International Food Safety. 

We are deeply committed to the authenticity of our EVOO, organic and sustainable harvesting practices, and unparalleled health and safety standards.  Both the USDA organic and DIO logos are proudly displayed on every can of The Furies EVOO.


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