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Organic Greek Mountain Oregano

Sale price$8.00

Handpicked from the mountains of the Peloponnese and Certified Organic, The Furies Greek Mountain Oregano is the secret to vibrant marinades and sauces.  It has a robust, peppery flavor unique to this quintessential Greek spice.  Mountain oregano is traditionally sprinkled on top of Horiatiki Tomato and Cucumber Salad along with a generous pour of EVOO.  

Once you try it, you will never want to be without! 

Organic Greek Mountain Oregano
Organic Greek Mountain Oregano Sale price$8.00

WHY choose Furies?

At The Furies, we believe that food is medicine. Olive oil and the Mediterranean Diet have been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes, dementia, cancer, and heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends olive oil, which is a healthy monounsaturated fat, as an important ingredient in a healthy-heart diet.


Polyphenols are powerful, naturally occurring antioxidants that are clinically proven to reduce inflammation in the body.


When olives are harvested early, they are picked and pressed before they are ripe. Our early harvest have higher levels of polyphenol content and our signature fresh, robust flavor.

100% organic

From our fresh produce to our pantry staples, everything we offer is 100% organic, meaning it's free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The Secret of Greek Cuisine!

This warm and slightly sweet spice blend will elevate your dishes to sublime. Season steamed vegetables, blend into ground meat or chicken to make the perfect meatballs, or rub it into any white fish to create effortless meals.  It is also wonderful in salad dressings! Each spice has been carefully chosen to complement flavor profiles and are all rich in antioxidants and nutrients.